Key-note speaker
With her background in sports and business, Paula tries to inspire as much people as possible with her experience, knowledge and powerful approach.

Some highlights

Make the impossible possible

Finishing a full Ironman with 2 months of training due of a chainsaw accident.

Paula was in the middle of her training for the full Ironman when she had an accident with a chainsaw. Fortunately, her big toe was still just hanging on, but the tendons were completely ruptured. 2 months later she was back on her bike, putting on her running shoes and started swimming again. No one ever thought that she would eventually finish the entire Ironman with just over 2 months of training and within a decent timeframe of 12 hours..

A focused mindset

Former top judoka

Paula did professional judo for more than 15 years. She became several times Dutch Champion, second in Europe and won various prizes at other major tournaments such as Grand Slams.

Turning sports, passion and a strong mindset into helping others to become their full authentic potential.